Astrologie: pozitia potrivita de yoga in functie de semnul tau zodiacal

De Alice Moisescu
18 ian. 2019

Fie ca sunt exercitii de respiratie, miscari de intindere a muschilor sau pur si simplu de concentrare, pozitiile de yoga reusesc sa calmeze atat dureri fizice, cat si sufletesti.

Si pentru ca astrologia nu inceteaza niciodata sa ne uimeasca, am aflat de curand ca fiecare semn al zodiacului are propria pozitie de yoga. Tu stiai asta?

Afla care e pozitia de yoga care te reprezinta!

Pozitiile de #yoga specifice fiecarei zodii in parte si secretele acestora


Nativii nascuti in Berbec sunt mereu in miscare, astfel ca au nevoie de ceva care sa ii deconecteze de marasmul cotidian.

Stilul Ashtanga este cel mai potrivit stil de yoga pe care Berbecii il pot adopta. Cuprinde pozitii care permit oxigenarea creierului si elimina toxinelor din corp.


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Живёте ли вы своей жизнью? Или вы живёте жизнью своих родителей или детей, мужа или любовника? Чьи желания вы исполняете в течение дня? Нет, я, конечно, не говорю, что нужно на всех наплевать и делать только то, что хочется твоему телу: есть, спать, гулять и т.д. Знаете ли вы, чего хочет ВАША Душа? . Как узнать? – Погрузиться в себя, спросить себя, услышать свой внутренний голос. . Чтобы услышать своё сердце, свою душу, нужно расслабить своё тело, остановить поток мыслей. . Как это сделать? – Йога-практика, дыхание, медитация. Через практику, вы узнаете настоящего/ую себя! . #йога#йогакаждыйдень#йогапрактика#йогатренер#йогаучитель#мояфилософия#мояжизнь#моиправила#мысливслух#люблюжизнь#люблюсебя#люблюлюдей#желаювсемсчастья#хатхайога#аштангайога#кундалинийога

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Nativii Taur inspira putere, insa nu sunt cei mai flexibili nativi ai zodiacului. Lor li se potrivesc de minune exercitiile Classic Hatha Yoga ce presupun miscari de intindere a musculaturii si ale coloanei vertebrale.


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Within each of us there is a creative self. This creative self can take many different forms because creativity is a quality that can be cultivated, not an inborn trait that only certain people possess. To uncover your creativity, ask yourself: Where do I desire creativity in my life? Do I want to be innovative in my job or at home? So I wish to uncover my creative self through writing, music, art, or my yoga practice? First, become aware of what you are already doing creatively in various areas. Then, brainstorm as many different and unexpected choices for creativity that you can come up with for yourself. Open yourself to experimentation and, through trial and error, let your creative self emerge and develop. ——————————————- Day 3 #newcorenewme ——————————————- 🧘🏼‍♀️Hosts: @ashtangaash @studioartyoga @salty_hair_yogi @thehathahippie @_clarityoga_ ————————————————— 💕Sponsors: @onzie @radhabeauty @naturalshilajitresin @insideoutsideoutsidein @cultivate.balance Pose line up: 1)chair 2)plank / chaturanga (push ups 3)side plank variations 4) warrior 3 5)navasana 6) crow (strength building and variations) 7) down dog / dolphin / pincha (: Rules 🌙Repost this flyer and tag and follow ALL hosts and sponsors 🌙post every day a pose or a video and tag all hosts and sponsors so that we could see you and use the hashtag #newcorenewme 🌙invite a few friends ————————————————— Yoga mat: @ajnawellbeing

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Nativii Gemeni sunt extrem de curiosi din fire, avand o activitate cerebrala destul de intensa. Nu acelasi lucru il putem spune si in ceea ce priveste miscarea fizica, insa. Una dintre cele mai potrivite pozitii de yoga pentru acestia ar fi sprijinirea pe o mana, tinand-o pe cealalta ridicata catre cer.


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MOON SALUTATION. The famous sun salutations, Surya Namaskar, are often practiced at the beginning of a yoga class. They are known to be a yang energy practice, being very active, heating, energizing and awakening. Moon salutations or Chandra Namaskar, tap more into the female, yin energy in us and build a perfect counter part to surya namaskar. The flow of asanas of moon salutations is restorative, soothing and cooling the body. It is especially nice to practice this sequence in the evening for its meditative and calming quality. Moon salutations help to form a stronger connection to breath. It’s almost like they remind the practitioner of the beauty of silence and receptivity. This includes the willingness to deeply settle into every pose, accepting everything that is in the way it is. #moonsalutation #Chandranamaskar #yoga #yogatravel #namaste #consciousness #yoganomad #meditation #yogalife #spirit #consciousnessshift #yogalove #mindfulness #asana #beachyoga #om #shanti #yogis #instayogi #goinward #yogateacher #Huanchaco #silence #innerpeace

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Nici nativii nascuti in semnul Racului nu sunt fani ai exercitiilor fizice si ai efortului. Sunt comozi si nu pun mare pret pe felul in care arata, atata timp cat ei se simt bine in pielea lor. Una dintre cele mai optime pozitii pentru ei ar fi „Luna”, pozitie pe care o regasim in stilul Hatha.


Nativii nascuti sub semnul Leului adora sa fie in centrul atentiei si stralucesc mai tot timpul, starnind astfel priviri admirative.

Pozitia perfecta pentru acestia este „Salutul Soarelui”, pentru ca ii ajuta sa transmita si celor din jur un strop din stralucirea lor.


Nativii nascuti in Fecioara au o legatura puternica cu natura, ceea ce le permite un echilibru in fiecare sector al vietii lor.

Pozitia ideala pentru acesti nativi se regaseste in stilul „Lyengar” , stil ce echilibreaza sistemul nervos si creeaza o conexiune puternica intre corp, minte, suflet si natura.


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#TwelveGiftsOfYoga Day 1- Insight- #EaglePose Yoga has given me opportunities to gain insight through practicing mindfulness. Physically, each asana creates some kind of sensation; a build or release of tension, quickening of breath, muscles starting to burn. At first (and sometimes still) I’d just react to these sensations, thinking “when will this pose end?!” and feeling impatient. But I’ve learned to be mindful and just observe these thoughts and feelings, how they change throughout my practice, while bringing the focus back to my breath. Off the mat I can practice similar self reflection, knowing that moments come and go, sometimes thing are out of our control, but what we can control is our own reaction and actions. 🙂 Thanks to the lovely hosts: @saminyoga @lezette.marie @lizacolpa @sandyrosenthal @asana_al and sponsors @vayumudra @lotusblossomyoga @foterrajewelry @yourbondhu @wrappedupinjewelry #mindfulnesspractice #yogamindfulness #yogainsight #yogainsights #eagleyoga #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenges

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Destinul Balantelor este acela de a cauta echilibrul perfect toata viata si asta le poate face sa munceasca enorm din punctul acesta de vedere.

Cele mai benefice pozitii pentru nativele nascute sub semnul Balantei sunt „Vulturul” sau „Copacul”. Aceste doua pozitii aduc impreuna ratiunea, sentimentele, sufletul si legatura extraordinara pe care Balantele o au cu natura.


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✨Take Time to do what makes your soul Happy ✨Happiness is a choice✨ Today, it was just about getting up early doing yoga, surfing with a good friend, eating pleasure food, hiking in beautiful nature, meditating in Chapel and going to cinema… Everything with all my Love and Gratitude 💖✨We all can enjoy Life… 🙏🏻✨#gratitude #love #yogini #yoginilife #happybodyhappymind #meditation #yoga #asana #warrioryogapose #surf #yogagirl #yogalife #surffriends #doityourway #beyourself #naturelovers #surflifestyle #makegoodchoices #enjoyyourlife #happysoul #hiking #beaninspiration #spreadlove #consciouslife #ayurvedalife #ayurvedalifestyle #surfyogalife #wayofhappiness #paca #var @roxy @salomon @dcshoes

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Nativii nascuti in Scorpion traiesc totul la maximum si pun pasiune in tot ce fac. Au nevoie asadar de pozitii care sa puna in valoare aceasta putere pe care nu o afiseaza in mod direct, precum… „Razboinicul” sau „Erou”, pozitii care se concentreaza pe respiratie profunda si ajuta la un proces meditativ intens.


Nativii nascuti in semnul Sagetatorului au un spirit aventurier si sunt intr-o continua cautare de noi si noi provocari.

„Porumbelul Asezat” sau „Lotus” sunt doar cateva dintre pozitiile ideale pentru nativii Sagetator.


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“Até mesmo um vaso de ouro precisa de ser polido de vez em quando. Sem essa manutenção o vaso aglomera poeira e sujidade, e perde o seu brilho. Da mesma forma, até mesmo uma boa pessoa, um(a) aspirante espiritual precisa de manutenção apropriada, para que, num mundo em constante mudança, seja tomado o devido cuidado para que a mudança seja sempre em direcção ao melhor ou mais elevado. Manter-se em boa companhia é essencial para esse desenvolvimento positivo.” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ""Even a pot of gold needs to be polished from time to time. Without this maintenance the vessel agglomerates dust and dirt, and loses its brightness. In the same way, even a good person, a spiritual aspirant needs proper maintenance so that, in a constantly changing world, due care is taken that the change is always toward the best or the highest. Staying in good company is essential to this positive development. "- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti #yoga #catyogapose #catcowyoga #equilibrio #respect #bliss #takecareofyou #takecareofyoursoul #takecareofyourbody #fitmum #love #innerpeace #innervoice #attheendeverythingwillbeok #loveyourself #silence #listentoyourinnervoice #mum #supermum #maedetres #maedetresedepois #mumof3 #mumofthree #already40 #gratitude

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Nativii nascuti in Capricorn reusesc sa isi structureze foarte bine activitatile si sunt buni organizatori. Cele mai potrivite miscari pentru acestia sunt cele de inainte-inapoi pentru stabilirea echilibrului minte-corp-suflet.


Nativii nascuti in semnul Varsatorului au probleme in ceea ce priveste sistemul nervos, motiv pentru care stilurile Hatha si Kundalini sunt perfecte pentru echilibrarea tensiunii, de unde si pornesc cele mai frecvente afectiuni si dereglari.

Cele doua stiluri se focuseaza pe respiratie si ajuta mult la detensionarea si eliberarea energiilor negative.


Nativii nascuti in Pesti au tendinta de a se incarca prea mult cu informatii inutile si ajung deseori la o oboseala cerebrala neplacuta.

Cele mai benefice pozitii de yoga pentru acestia sunt „Semiluna” si „Pozitia dansatorului”. Acestea au rolul de a oxigena creierul si de a-l detensiona.

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