7 posturi de yoga si exercitii blande care calmeaza instant durerile de spate

De Irina Constantin
24 ian. 2020

Te confrunti cu disconfort la nivelul coloanei si orice remediu ai incerca nimic nu pare sa functioneze cu adevarat?

Durerile de spate sunt extrem de neplacute. Iti pot afecta starea de spirit sau chiar te pot impiedica sa iti desfasori activitatile zilnice. Desi remediile clasice pot functiona uneori, pastilele si cremele au efecte limitate. Asadar, ce ai spune de o sesiune de yoga pentru dureri lombare?

Cele mai relaxante pozitii de yoga indicate inainte de culcare – le faci in pat

Yoga pentru dureri lombare: 7 asane eficiente pentru relaxare si vindecare

1. Postura copilului

Atunci cand durerile lombare nu iti dau pace sub nicio forma, cuibareste-te in aceasta asana extrem de relaxanta. Spatele tau se va alungi vertebra cu vertebra, iar presiunea din zona lombara va fi eliminata.

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These feel amazing! Childs Pose is one of the most common poses in yoga for digestion, relaxation, posture, recovery, back pain, shoulders, and stress/anxiety – but did you know these variations? For more modifications and progressions to all the foundational yoga poses, check out our ebooks (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ Share this with someone that could benefit and save it for the next time you practice. Thanks for sharing @yoganama #inflexibleyogis ・・・ I love child pose and I love twisting. It feels good for my spine as I spend a lot of time at my desk writing. And since I have a tendency to be high strung and stressed out, it’s my way to bring ‘instant peace’ and clear the mind. Works most of the time 😀. . There must be more than a dozen ways that I have learnt to hang in this pose and today I’ve shared three of those. . I chose these in particular as they’re also good for the Vata season. Air element tends to get trapped in the spine making it stiff so twists always help to release it. I particularly sense it in the middle-upper back so I’ve been focusing more on these. But any type of twists are great for Vata – just make sure you move with the breath and do them as a part of a complete yoga practice and not standalone ❤️. . . . #yoga #yogini #yogaasana #childpose #childposevariation #balasana #threadtheneedle #spinaltwist #yogatips #yogatutorial #howtoyoga #indianyogateacher #wellnessblogger #ayurveda #vatadosha #ayurvedicyoga #ayurvedaeveryday #ayurvedayoga #yoganama #ayurnama #yogagirl #yogachick #air #blackandwhite #yogapants #wellnessthatworks #healthyliving #stressfreeliving #yogaforbeginners

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Respira aici timp de cinci, zece sau chiar mai multe minute. Asculta-ti corpul, permite-i sa isi ajusteze singur pozitia si respira adanc. Cu fiecare inspir, vei simti o intindere placuta, iar pe expir vei simti o relaxare din ce in ce mai profunda.

2. Secventa de asane „vaca/pisica”

Aceasta secventa este extrem de utila, fie ca ai dureri lombare frecvente sau doar ocazionale. Asaza-te in patrupedie si incepe sa iti misti cu blandete coloana vertebrala. Flexeaza-ti spatele si du capul pe spate, apoi curbeaza coloana si lasa barbia spre piept.

Efectueaza fiecare miscare lent, fara sa fortezi spatele sau gatul. Spatele tau se va incalzi, vei fi mai mobila si vei observa care este pozitia neutra a coloanei tale vertebrale.

3 posturi de yoga perfecte pentru zilele in care esti irascibila: Te calmeaza instant!

3. Masaj lombar cu genunchii la piept

Aceasta este cea mai usoara forma de exercitiu pentru amelioararea durerilor din zona lombara. Culca-te pe spate, pe saltea, si adu-ti genunchii in dreptul pieptului. Nu forta miscarea, ci respecta limitele naturale ale corpului tau.

Ramai aici, cu ochii inchisi, respirand adanc si relaxand trupul. Dupa cateva minute, poti incepe sa te balansezi usor spre stanga si spre dreapta, lasand coloana sa se ruleze pe sol si sa primeasca masajul bland.

5 posturi de yoga pentru ameliorarea durerilor menstruale

Aceasta postura intinde zona coapselor, muschii gluteali si soldurile. Daca vrei sa scapi de durerea lombara, practica postura in varianta ei mai usoara, stand pe spate si ducand picioarele in forma cifrei 4.

Simte extensia in coapse, insa nu forta miscarea mai mult decat este cazul. Ramai in postura cate 3 minute, pe fiecare parte.

5. Rasucirea blanda a coloanei

Aceasta postura este atat de simpla incat poate fi efectuata si in pat, dimineata sau inainte de culcare. Ea rasuceste usor spatele, intinzand coloana si ajutand zona lombara sa se relaxeze.

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I am enough. . Surrender to your true self and recognize that you are enough. You are exactly where you need to be. . Welcome to day 1 of #SistersOfYoga YIN edition with supine twist. I just had an amazing weekend and a long day of travel. A twist is exactly what I needed. What I love about this asana is you can do sooo many variations. Start by lying on your back flat legs extended in front of you. Option 1. Bring your knees into your chest, then twist both knees down to one side, and switch your gaze to the opposite side. Option 2. Bring one knee into your chest, leave the other leg extended. Twist the bent knee over to the opposite side, and your gaze to the other. You can also bend the extended knee to get the shape I have in my photo. Plus there are many other options like eagle legs. Do what feels good to you and hold for a 1-3 minutes on each side. . . Hosts: @yogi_goddess @synergysoul_ @wonder_woman_o @kymmicordovez @yogijazporter @awesomebodyrevolution . Sponsors: @Onzie @amethystsky11 @weluvbeads @pranamat . . How to Play: 1.) Repost Flyer & Use Hashtag #SistersOfYoga 💕 2.) Follow @SistersOfYoga + ALL Hosts & Sponsors 3.) Tag your sisters so they can join too! 4.) Post Daily using hashtag & Tag all hosts & sponsors with every post so we know you are playing!

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Stai pe spate, indoaie genunchiul piciorului stang si du-l in partea opusa. Ramai cu ambii umeri pe sol si orienteaza-ti capul spre partea stanga, relaxand gatul.

6. Postura sfinxului

Aceasta asana este minunata pentru a facilita o postura corecta a zonei lombare si pentru a antrena muschii raspunzatori de pozitia sanatoasa a spatelui.

Intinde-te pe burta, adu-ti palmele pe saltea, in dreptul capului, si pastreaza antebratele pe sol. Impinge in brate, incordeaza-ti corpul si ridica-ti usor pieptul de pe saltea, pastrand capul in prelungirea coloanei. Pastreaza abdomenul activ si nu exagera miscarea spatelui.

7. Postura cainelui cu fata in jos

Cand faci yoga pentru dureri lombare, nu omite aceasta asana clasica, dar eficienta. Ea intinde foarte bine spatele, activeaza muschii si iti permite sa relaxezi complet zona lombara.

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In acelasi timp, cand este practicata corect, postura iti permite sa relaxezi muschii din zona cervicala si sa eliberezi total presiunea, din cap pana in picioare.

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